Mobile UI Challenge

Project Goals

It seems everyone today, has excepted their addiction to mobile devices, and seem quite proud of admitting their dependencies. As a designer, my Mobile UI Challenge is the perfect response to illustrate how I’m dependent to the mobile device.

I’m often finding myself to install and uninstalling new apps on a weekly biases. This was mainly due to a personal curiosity to fully understand what services my phone could achieve. Throughout this curiosity, I’ve immersed myself in wide range of good and bad mobile designs.

The goal to this project is to not only showcase beautiful designs, but also personally execute design consistently, frequently, and purposefully.

Design Process

How does the design compare to user expectations?

How well are the users provided with relevant information at each stage of the interaction?

How is the balance of information hierarchy between useful, and necessary contents?

Does the design follow common and familiar mobile user interactions?

UI Trends

Out with top tabs, bottom navigation bars UX appropriate

Design reactions to intricate interaction based animations

Dividers or cards for all your content organization needs

Cards are so mainstream

Less color, more images

Most gradients aren’t practically, but subtle gradients could work

Week 1 - News Feed

App Inspirations

TechCrunch, Feedly, CBC News, BlogTO, NYTimes, Google’s News ^ Weather, TopBuzz, theScore

App Design

Week 2 - Food Delivery/Pickup

Apps Inspirations

Ritual ,SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, foodora, JustEat, Uber Eat

App Design

Week 3 - Shopping

Apps Inspirations

Amazon Shopping, Wish, AliExpress, eBay, Joom

App Design