My Inspiration

Whenever my friends and I try to meet up over the weekend, or whenever we have time; planning anything becomes impossible.

Using KakaoTalk as our group chat platform, we discuss plans about what activity, time, and location of our meet up. We start by suggesting places we want to go to; such as a restaurant, bar, or karaoke. Then we decide on what time everyone is available, but in reality, we just end up somehow swearing at each other with nothing happening.

As a designer, I have challenged myself to focus around this behaviour problem. This is a 10 week case study project taken place in BrainStation from October-November.

Design Process

UX Design Process.png

Project Definition

The Problem

Due to friends working busy hours, they are having problems to accommodate occasions to gather, and find new activities to enjoy.


Are friends really busy and/or unhappy?

Do friends even need to gather?

Do friends struggle in finding new activities?

Project Direction

What if friends are never busy?

What if friends never had conversations about planning gatherings?

What if friends always had the ability to maximize joy?

How might we empower groups of busy friends to comfortably manage, and discover new experiences together?


I believe young adults with busy schedules are struggling to decide on where and how to have a good time with friends.

Research Findings

Friends don’t struggle in finding new activities, but there is a desire for them.

There is a clear struggle when friends are trying to gather.

There is a behavioural problem when close friends are trying to plan social gatherings. During conversations, individual schedules and personal situation often causes conflicting issues.

Instead of being suggested new activities, there is an opportunity to help better organize social gatherings among close friends.

User Experience Design


Experience Map

User Stories

Core Epic: Friend Awareness

As a friend, I want to know when my friends are free, so that we can all hangout.

As a good friend, I want everyone to show up, so we can all have a good time.

As a close friend, I want to know when my friends are available, so we can agree on a time to meet up.

As a caring friend, I want my friends to let me know ahead of time if they are busy, so that plans don’t get rejected.

As a planner, I want plans to be agreed upon, so that my efforts aren’t wasted.

As an unorganized friends, I can’t have discussion about meet ups, instead I just want them to happen.

PlanUp is a scheduling app for busy friends to stay organized, and push out social gatherings more frequently.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture.png

Sketches and Ideation

Wireframe v.1

Wireframe v.2

User Interface Design

UI Kit

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App Design

Landing Page


PlanUp is a social scheduling app for busy friends to stay organized , and push out gatherings more frequently.

As a young hard working adults dive into their first work experience after a post-secondary education, I’ve noticed a disconnect from friends attempting to meet up socially. Focusing directly towards close friends whom want to maintain their connection, PlanUp aims to reduce the amount of effort and disconnect within gatherings.